Aid project

OrthoDepot takes responsibility


As part of the aid project Fi Bassar e.V. ("Save Bassar"), OrthoDepot is showing long-term commitment in the West African country of Togo to build up a school and vocational training system, an orphanage and the possibility of independent medical care. 
OrthoDepot is currently helping to set up a children's clinic in Bassar and is providing 300 school children with school materials. Furthermore, OrthoDepot regularly donates medical products and protective equipment. OrthoDepot thus supports the weakest in this world and efficiently promotes the sustainable development of children and young people on site.
Since 2012, the aim of the Fi Bassar e.V. aid project has been to build up the necessary infrastructure and provide guidance for lasting self-help, supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of the German government and the government of Togo.
Furthermore, Nuremberg Hospital ensures the training of clinical staff on site through voluntary assignments of doctors and nurses from Germany and regularly donates medical equipment and devices.
Thanks to donations and the unpaid work of helpers, great progress has already been made in recent years:


I. School project


Bikotiba Primary School
  1. Since 2013, there have been ongoing material benefits for the primary school in Bassar (pencils, pencil cases, exercise books, school uniforms and school fees).
  2. Blackboards were renewed and teachers supported with work materials needed for lessons
  3. In 2014, the well for the primary school was completed.

New construction of the CEG Ouest Bikotiba Secondary School
  1. New construction of a secondary school. The inauguration took place in 2018
  2. More sports equipment was donated for the school
  3. Projects to teach pupils about waste separation and environmental protection with regard to a liveable and clean environment

II. Hospital project

November 2023 - Bericht über Fi Bassar im togoischen TV


Since 2017, there has been a hospital partnership between Nuremberg Hospital and the Hôpital de Bassar, which is funded by the BMZ (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) and advised by the Institute for Sustainability.

Nuremberg Hospital helps the partner hospital in particular through knowledge transfer and material. Staff are released for business trips.

The following points have already been achieved in recent years:
  1. Training of staff, e.g. in hygiene, sustainability, paediatrics, obstetrics, pharmacy, ultrasound and ECG diagnostics, surgery and anaesthesia.
  2. New technical equipment for administration and training
  3. Establishment of an own water supply
  4. Organisation of a cleaning service
  5. Concepts for waste disposal, waste incinerator
  6. Equipment of surgery and anaesthesia with devices and instruments
  7. Renewal and modernisation of instrument preparation and sterilisation
  8. Accommodation and sanitary facilities for relatives and accompanying persons
  9. Procurement of a robust ambulance
  10. Financing of refrigerators and air conditioners
  11. Aid against Corona (oxygen concentration, masks, gloves, swabs)
  12. Networking and cooperation with other aid organisations on the ground
  13. Improvement of the financial and material equipment of the pharmacy, especially through the cooperation partner "Apotheker helfen e.V.".
  14. Around 300 free surgical procedures on children and adults
  15. Screening of school children in Bassar and provision of glasses as needed
  16. Relief supplies by ship container (dressing material, instruments, devices, hygiene articles, hospital beds, children's underwear, etc.)


III. Education sponsorship project

The association Fi Bassar e.V. offers young girls a qualified training opportunity, which guarantees financial security and the girls' future independence.
In Togo, training (e.g. as a dressmaker or hairdresser) is not free of charge and many girls have no one to finance their training.
Numerous young people benefit from this kind of vocational support, including tailors, hairdressers, car mechanics and bricklayers. The female share of the sponsorships is over 80%. The midwives accompany and educate the young girls.

August 2023


Within the framework of our training sponsorships, it was again possible to help people to help themselves. To our great joy, Rali Guemedji and Dr. Wilkening were able to give eleven young people (10 women and 1 man) a start-up aid (sewing machine, scissors, mirror, drying bonnet, etc.), which they will now use to start their own business. It was also possible to sponsor the job training of six more young women.


IV. Plastic waste recycling project

This project addresses the problem of plastic waste and the upcycling of water bags to make school bags and pencil cases. This project was initiated together with the Institute for Sustainability ( and succeeds in tackling the waste problem and thus creating sustainable income opportunities for people as well as useful items.
Volunteers collect plastic waste in baskets made for this purpose. The plastic waste is used in the upcycling project to make school bags and backpacks.
With the help of a motor scooter with a loading area, the waste can be collected and driven to the collection point. At the same time, this created a job for the driver.
The association Fi Bassar e.V. supports young people through training sponsorships. These young women complete a training course financed by us and make school bags and pencil cases from the collected material (e.g. small bags with water, which are common throughout Togo).
We support the seamstresses by buying a part of the manufactured articles from them and in turn provide the school bags and pencil cases to needy school children.
In this way, we stimulate the cycle of helping people to help themselves, and at the same time we can make a contribution to environmental protection.

V. Project Construction of the Vocational School

About 125,000 people live in the catchment area of Bassar, more than 60% of them are between 14 and 21 years old. Many of them are unemployed. As there are hardly any offers for vocational training, especially for women, Bassar is not very attractive for young people.
Fi Bassar e. V. has been working for years with a small vocational school for bricklayers and electricians. The owner of the school building has declared his own needs and the vocational school has to leave the premises. Fortunately, the association has been given a large plot of land by the city of Bassar, which can be used for the construction of a new vocational school centre.
Since the training courses offered so far are generally typical male professions, it is very important to the association to integrate training courses for women into the new vocational school centre. The project is funded by the Schmitz Foundation ( in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.
August 2023

We have good news to report from the vocational school. The photovoltaic system is working and now provides sufficient solar power for the students.

VI. Orphanage project


Fi Bassar e.V. supports the Catholic orphanage in Bassar. The girls and boys who participate in our training partnership work voluntarily in the orphanage according to our principle of helping people to help themselves.


VII. Girls' football


Fi Bassar has initiated the equipment of a girls' football team with jerseys, football boots and footballs by Puma.

VIII. New building for children's clinic 2023

Fi Bassar e.V. is currently planning the construction of a new children's clinic.